A letter from the President of the NHSFA


New Hampshire State Firemen’s Association

To:  All Members

Reference: Update on your association

From: Glenn Davis, President

Dear Members,

I am in hopes this letter finds you all well! Roughly 14 months ago I wrote to you to advise you on what is happening with your association. I believe that the membership from time to time should be updated on how we are doing so with that please see below.

You may not be aware last fall longtime secretary Karen Eichler and longtime treasurer Rick Eichler retired from their positions on the NHSFA Board to spend more time traveling and being with their grandchildren. I personally would like to thank both of them for their years of dedication and service to the NHSFA. We are hoping to invite them to this year’s annual meeting and appropriately thank them.  We have appointed Derick Danis (New Boston Fire) as our new treasurer and he is doing a fantastic job keeping our finances straight.

Speaking of finances we were lucky again this year to receive roughly $24,000 in charitable gaming money that goes to support the NH Fallen Firefighter Memorial. This money is a great offset to the expense of the eternal flame and keeping the grass mowed and the bark mulch tidy as well as conducting the annual memorial service as well. We are in hopes that in 2022 we will be able to refurbish the memorial as it is now 15 years old and could certainly use a tune-up.

Still speaking about finances we have employed a company and are in the process of a statewide fundraiser. This fundraiser is being conducted over the phone. The callers will not ask you to make a payment directly should the person agree to donate, a donation package will be mailed to them with several options to make that donation. If you are asked about it, more information can be found on the website: https://nhsfa.org/fundraising/

This money will go directly to the association coffers, not the Memorial funds. We are in hopes that within another year we will be able to fund to a one-day educational convention timed with our annual meeting. Possibly further down the road, this fundraiser may also be used to partially fund the Junior firefighter program, (which desperately needs to be re-fired) or perhaps start an account to be used for scholarships for young people going into the firefighting/ EMS career path.

What else is new?

With Karen retiring, we have switched to electronic record keeping with regards to the membership and membership renewals. The person of record in your department that handles these things needs to make sure that we have a good email address for us to correspond to you as we are in the process of going paperless. If you have not received your add/change/ delete form via email please contact us. Also, note that the form generates an invoice to take to your AP department.

SAVE the Date:

We are holding a “live and in-person” memorial service this year on September 25th @ 10:00 Am all would certainly enjoy your presence to honor those NH Firefighters that have fallen in the line of duty as we add four names this year.

Time to depart:

As I am typing this letter I wanted to let you know, that I have retired from the board as of 9/02/2021. I like all of us have found my family and work requirements have changed and I can no longer give the Association the type of leadership it requires and deserves. I started in this organization in 1984 as strictly a member and have been on the board for more than 10 years (I don’t recall when I came in) and took over the president’s position in 2017. With the agreement that I would serve the three-year term and be done… So here we are four years later, the association is in a very good place the time has come.

I wish to thank all of you (especially the board) for your support during my tenure as you know we have made a ton of progress in these last four years. I would also like to ask that you an NHSFA member to become involved it’s your association and it needs your help, we are doing great things… Be a part of it!  The annual meeting and election of officers will be held in November this year (time, date & location TBA) In the Meantime 1st VP Tom Green and 2nd VP Pete Donovan will be handling the president’s duties.


Glenn M Davis

President (RET)

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