Barnstead Chief Shawn Mulcahy Wake Funeral Arrangements

Barnstead Chief Shawn Mulcahy Wake Funeral Arrangements (UPDATED)
The Barnstead Fire Department is requesting the assistance of our mutual aid Personnel, and the NH Fire Service. We are scheduling Casket Vigil Personnel to stand watch over Chief Shawn Mulcahy from 1500 on 7/13 through 1000 on 7/14. This detail is available to all who knew Chief Mulcahy and would like to honor him by standing watch.
Casket Vigil
Departments or individual personnel available to participate in the Casket Watch are asked to fill out the link below with your requested times. Personnel can sign up for one or multiple time slots. We ask that you are at Barnstead Station 1 (305 Parade Rd) at least 15 minutes prior to your selected slot(s). The uniform of the day will be CLASS A. Law Enforcement is welcome to participate as well.
Casket Vigil Detail Commander – There is a need for a detail commander to assist in changing the guard out every 30 minutes during the overnight, and every 15 minutes during the calling hours.
7/12 – There will be Casket Vigil and Changing of the Guard Training at Barnstead Station 2 this evening at 1900 for anyone who can make it
Uniformed Personnel Walk Through
At the request of the family there will be a uniformed personnel walk through on 7/13 beginning at 1900. All uniformed personnel are asked to assemble at the Barnstead Parade grounds no later than 1830, for an 1845 step off to process to Station 1 for the walk through.
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