Answers to common questions about the NH Firefighter license plates

Why is there a dotted line? These are decal plates, Firefighter, UNH and Rotary each have the same plate. The decals must be placed in a certain placement on the plate.

Why is there not an embossed or printed FF plate? Due to the high cost to manufacture the plate in embossed or screen printed and the low numbers to sell such a plate the state did not want the large investment. At that point most of the proceeds would have gone to the state.

Why can i not have my own decal? The decals are only approved by the department of transportation. Each decal has to have gone through the process of approval. This is the only decal approved for the license plate.

Where do the proceeds go? The proceeds from the sale of the firefighter decal go to the NH State Firemen s Association Memorial Fund. This is the only fund to provide the upkeep, expansion and costs to manage the memorial that supports all firefighter in NH.

Why must the decals be sent to the Fire Chief? In order to satisfy the Fire Chiefs in that they are aware who has a firefighter decal in their town, the decals must be sent to the Fire Chief  for approval before the firefighter receives the decal. The decals are only for active or retired firefighters. The legislation clearly addresses the decals are for “Firefighters or Retired Firefighters”.

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