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Welcome to the member department of the month page. Each month we will spotlight a member department and give you an insight to some of our membership. If you would like to have your department spotlighted please contact your county rep.

Spotlight Department

Ashland Fire Department
P.O. Box 856
9 Main Street
Ashland, NH, 03217
Non-Emergency Phone: (603) 968-7772
Emergencies: 911

Chief: Steve Heath
Deputy Chief: Robert Bousquet

Ashland fire Department was organized in 1870, It was composed of two companies.  The equipment at the time consisted of two little four wheeled hand trucks with a water tank on each and one-inch hose.  A bucket brigade kept the tanks filled at the fire.  The department had a wall ladder and a roof ladder as well as two fire hooks, one with a pole and chain.  The equipment was housed in the Grist Mill.

The first “Hosehouse” was built in 1895, built at the location of the current fire station, it also housed the library and town offices. (The library moved into its own building, the Scribner Memorial, in 1939.) (The town hall moved to its current location in19__) At this time the Town took over the department and made it a town department formally organizing the Ashland Fire Department.  The first equipment bought cost $785.00.   It was also voted at this time to install the first Electric Fire Alarm System.  This appropriation from the town was for $3500.00

On May 7, 1897 the Hook and Ladder Company was formed bringing the total membership to 31 Firefighters.

In 1931, the town purchased its first fire engine, a 500-gallon Aherens-Fox fire truck and equipment for it Costing $6200.00

The next engine was a 1958 GMC Combo-truck with a pump and ladder truck, the pump capacity of 600 gallons a min with a 300-gal booster tank.  This truck came equipped with a 55-foot ladder and 1000 feet of 1 1/2 hose and 400 feet of ¾ inch hose for a total price of $12,000.00

Today, the department has a membership of 26, operating with two engines, A 1987 Ranger Engine, and a 1994 Smeal Engine, a 1996 Road rescue Ambulance, a 2004 Smeal Ladder, a boat, Forestry unit and utility.

In 2017 the town purchased a new Engine that we will take delivery of in 2018 for a cost of $491,000.

Last year Ashland Fire responded to 430 of calls.

Some notable fires in Ashland History are:

1869 Livermore Hall totally destroyed by fire on the site of the Current Town offices and Police station.

1907 D.C. Merrill block on Main St Gutted by fire.

1911 Chimney fire at the Elementary school burning the roof.

1924 fire in the Elementary School on March 1.

1934 On December 27 a disastrous fire destroyed the Ednor Hotel, R.M Whitcom drug store Ednor Stable, and Sue Deane’s House; Firemen were hampered by extreme cold and high winds.   The fire jumped over the Scribner property which houses the current Library.

Late 70 and early 80’s the “Mothers Day fires” large brush fire that burned with access off I-93 each year on Mother’s Day.

1980 Pee wee Market on Main St.

1991 Three building on Main St. and Winter St.

2010 The Dr. Bricker House Fire

2013 the Marina fire, at the Squam Lake Marina.

2015 January 2nd   MCI – Multi car accidents with fire and injury Interstate 93 north of exit 24.