New Advocate member Hygenall Corporation

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Hygenall Firefighter Safety, a division of Hygenall Corporation, is located in Dover, New Hampshire and with over 100 products, is the world’s largest firefighter cleaning and decontamination product company. With an inexplicably high rate of cancer amongst firefighters, Hygenall cleaning and decon products are high efficacy and do more than regular soap-based products to help keep firefighters safer from occupational diseases such as cancer, and help prevent bringing toxic substances home to their families.  Organizations like FDNY, Chicago Fire, Orange County Fire, Palm Beach County and Washington DC Fire use Hygenall products every day to keep their firefighters safe.  Hygenall is a global leader combining innovation, resourcefulness and experience to deliver safe and effective solutions!


Contact: Butch Lewis:  or  866-750-0906 ext 302

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